Welcome to 4912! - 4912

Another New Website? What Gives?

It seems that every time I start a blog website, I get inspiration from another source and have motivation to remake my website from the ground up. This time will be slightly different though. I’m going to keep my blog posts intact on GitHub. If I decide that I’d like to redesign my website for the 7th time, you won’t be missing out on content.

4912.blog? What The Hell Is That?

I’ve been told “cherriesarelit” was a childish name, so to fix (not really) that issue I’ve made it my Discord discriminator. Before Discord discriminators were removed, the four numbers at the end of my name were 4912; they’ve kinda stuck with me ever since I made my account in 2017.

Why Should I Be Interested In Another Internet Blog?

Honestly, you shouldn’t. I can’t convince you to read mine, but if you like photography, media, technology and stuff of the like - you should check in sometimes.

Upcoming Features To Look For (As Of Writing This)

  • An improved dark/light theme switcher.
  • A changelog page.
  • A menu for mobile users.
  • Removal of the “Lorem Ipsum” Blog.